Centrifugal Blowers

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Repair Procedures:

    1. Replacement shafts are made of forged, heat treated and stress relieved 4140 are installed. (As required)
    2. The impellers, whether aluminum or steel, are either rebuilt or  replaced to ensure proper clearance between the diaphragm and the suction eye, proper vane thickness and shape, proper fit on the shaft, correct O.D. and no cracking or excessive wear.
    3. The impellers are balanced individually and collectively to .0003 at 4200 RPM's prior to assembly.
    4. The diaphragms are completely rebuilt and epoxy painted to ensure the unit's original performance curve is maintained.
    5. All bearings, seals, packing, carbon, shims, gaskets, O-rings, site glasses, breathers, automatic oilers and hardware are replaced.
    6. The blower is assembled and all clearances and thrusts are set.
    7. The unit is then operationally and performance tested at full operating speed before leaving our shop. A vibration analysis is also performed to ensure product reliability.
    8. Final inspection reports accompany all completed units.
    9. 2 Years Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship up to 4 Years from delivery.

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