Axial & Lobe Type Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Brands We Specialize In:

Gardner Denver                                 






Ingersoll Rand

Tuthill / MD


Big Jack


Repair Procedures:

  1. The rotor tips, ends and inner lobes are rebuilt by welding, machining, and grinding.
  2. The rotor surfaces are hard surfaced for longer wear.
  3. The shafts, bearing fits, seal fits, shaft sleeves, and coupling fits are either repaired by grinding and hard chroming and grinding, or replaced with forged 4140 or tri alloy heat treated and stress relieved replacements.
  4. The rotors and rotating parts are computer balanced to less than .0003" at 3600 RPM.
  5. Head plate cracking and wear is repaired by either surface grinding or by machining out the damaged area and laminating in a new section, Laminated head plates are stronger and are more wear resistant than the original.
  6. The head plate air seal holes and bearing fits are bored and brushed as required to assure proper sealing and fits.
  7. Minor housing repairs are accomplished by welding and line boring.
  8. All bearings, seals, breathers, site glasses, shims, gaskets, O-rings, and hardware are replaced. (Gears, bearing carriers, and hubs are replaced as required.)
  9. When the unit is assembled, all clearances, thrusts, and timing are set to OEM specs. (This ensures proper performance.)
  10. The assembled units are operational and performance tested before leaving our shop. A vibration analysis is also performed to ensure product reliability. This alleviates a major concern for our customers. (Performance curves are available for a charge.)
  11. Final inspection reports & Vibration Analysis Print Outs accompany all completed units.
  12. 18 Month Warranty

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