Rotary Airlock/ Rotary Valve

Repair Procedures:


      1. The housing liner is line bored. (When excessive wearing has occurred, a line is installed in the housing and line bored.)
      2. The air seal holes in the headplates and the headplates themselves are repaired by welding and machining or by machining and installing inserts.
      3. Rabbit fits in the headplates are welded or rung and machined to ensure proper fit in the housing.
      4. Damaged rotor shafts are either repaired by sleeving or are replaced.
      5. Rotor tip and clearance are re-established by either welding and machining or by installing new wiper and end covers and machining.
      6. The bearing seals and the packing are replaced.
      7. When worn beyond repair, components such as rotor and plates and housings can be manufactured if economically feasible.
      8. Final inspection reports accompany all completed units.


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