Babbitted Bearings

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Repair Procedures:

    1. The water jackets are chemically cleaned and hydro tested at 100 PSI to check for cracking. The water inlets and outlets are then rethreaded.
    2. The bearings are rebabbitted with lead-free, ASTM grade #2, high tin turbine babbitt unless otherwise specified by the customer. The methods used to rebabbitt are: Spin Casting, Pouring, Puddling, and/or TIG welding.
    3. The bonding of the babbitt to the bearing housing is confirmed by the ultrasonic testing of each bearing individually.
    4. The joints and bond lines are red-dyed. Then the joints are repaired, paralleled, and lapped to achieve an 85% blue-contact.
    5. Damaged dowel pins and dowel pin holes are repaired or replaced to ensure proper alignment.
    6. Damaged ball seats and ball fits are replaced or welded up and reground to guarantee proper fit.
    7. Bearing housings, carriers, rings, end bells, and end frames are repaired or remanufactured to ensure proper fit, alignment, contact, and torque.
    8. Finalized inspection reports are furnished to the customer with the repaired bearings.
    9. Bearings are boxed for long-term storage.

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