Chip Feeders

Repair Procedures:


      1. The shafts are replaced with round ground and polished 4150 heat treated and stress relieved shafts.
      2. The taper locks and hubs are replaced as required.
      3. The housing is bored out and a new lining is installed. The housing is then line bored and the housing ends are squared to the bore.
      4. The housing bore is ground and polished and then chromed .005" per side with industrial hard chrome.
      5. The bore is again inspected after chroming and ground to remove high spots.
      6. The rotor tips and end cover are welded on the O.D. with wear resistant 410 stainless steel and then machined to ensure the proper clearances between the rotor and the new chromed housing liner.
      7. The rabbit fit on the end covers is welded up and machined to ensure the proper interference fit in the new chromed housing liner.
      8. All bearings, seals, packing, bronze sealing ring assemblies, knives, wipers, and hardware are replaced.
      9. The unit is tested and final inspection is performed.
      10. Final inspection reports accompany all completed units


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