Doing It Right

tibado-facilityWho is Thibado?

With over 40 years industry experience Paul Thibado’s philosophy of “Doing It Right” has become an industry staple. Thibado Inc. has been known as a "State of The Art" remanufacturer of Positive Displacement, Centrifugal and Liquid Ring Blowers and Vacuum Pumps.


We also remanufacture or make new most Babbitted Bearings and Babbitted products and we have developed a considerable reputation in the repair and upgrading of Rotor Feeders and Air Locks since opening in Pell City, Alabama in 1981.

The company also sells new most brands of pneumatic conveying equipment and builds high quality packages for all this equipment.

5 Key Characteristics that distinguish Thibado Inc. as a quality organization include:

  1. Largest blower repair facility in the southeastern United States 90,000 square feet.

  2. Free inspection of equipment - we will pick up, inspect the unit, and quote a cost for repair. If you decide not to do business with us, we will ship the unit back to you or to another repair facility free of charge. We will even include the inspection data at no cost.

  3. One to three year warranty from the date of installation.

  4. Testing of remanufactured equipment to ensure proper performance and compliance with original engineering specifications.  A vibration analysis is also taken while the unit is on the test stand and the customer is furnished with a copy of this report along with the Rotor Balance Report and Final Inspection.

  5. Technical assistance available 24 hours a day - every day of the year.

Thibado, Inc. is a certified Minority Owned Business (WBE).

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